What a home baker needs

The outcome of your product depends on the quality of your equipment. The most basic equipment you need to bake are mixers, ovens, baking pans, refrigerators and freezers. Among those, the most important equipment that will determine the success or failure of your baked goods is your oven. Ovens can be pricey, but investing in a good quality oven can prevent disastrous baking. The most expensive oven may not be the best. You can find cheaper ovens that can bake as well as the expensive ones. The size of an oven is important. You do not want to waste time baking several batches in a small oven when you can cut the baking time with a bigger oven. Features such as oven fans have to be considered. Certain products need to be baked in an oven that has an internal fan and others dont. There are ovens that include internal fans that can be switched on and off. These are factors you need to consider when purchasing an oven.

Below are some products that i have reviewed that can help find the best oven for you.

For the young baker

If you're new to baking or have a young child who wants to try baking or even for you who dont bake that often but would love some home baked cupcakes or brownies in small batches, then these following products are perfect for you! "I have two full size ovens at home now to cater to my growing customers but i keep these cute mini cupcake makers at home for when i want to whip up a small amount for just my family and me. Saves me from heating up the big oven and it bakes in lesser the time"


Yes, you can whip up anything with just a whisk, a bowl and a spatula. A mixer just makes your life easier. A standing mixer can help you make a large amount of batter and it definitely helps you in making bread. If you only bake in small amount, getting a hand mixer is sufficient. It does not cost much, but it does help prevent the ache in your arms from whisking too much

Standing Mixers