Baking as a hobby

‘I started baking when I was 14. I loved it so much and 12 years on, here I am still baking in my own kitchen. People told me that I should open up my own bakery. I toyed with the idea but I didn’t want the pressure of having my own store. Where I live, selling of baked goods is allowed to family & friends. Just by doing that, it help to put me through school. I went through a lot of trials and errors during my first few years and the advice I have for all of you who is starting out baking and wish to bake from home for additional income or just for a hobby, read the recipes fully before you start. There are a lot of recipes available on the internet. Some will work out for you and some don’t. If you’re worried about that, invest in buying a recipe book from the expert. It will get you started and once you understand the basic recipe, you can invent your own flavours! Get an oven size which cater to your needs. I spent hours baking with a small sized oven when I can slash the time into half by purchasing a bigger oven. Bigger oven does not mean a commercialized oven. Just big enough for you to work efficiently. Lastly, put in a little bit of effort and money into decorating your products. It gives tremendous satisfaction to see how beautiful your creations are and have others praise you for it. Happy baking my fellow bakers!’

Starting your own home bakery

Have anyone ever told you “you should open a bakery!” after tasting your cookies and cupcakes? Well then, you should! Having a home bakery means, you are able to create recipes, prepare and bake from your own kitchen and sell to the community and online. It saves you the hassle of renting or buying an expensive commercial space. It also allows you to work out the unknown kinks you might have about running a business without the pressure of having a store front. Most importantly, it gives you more time with your family and generate income from your talent!

Read through these tips and ‘what a home baker needs’ on how to start your own home bakery

Tip 1. Consistent recipes

Having an original recipe helps to draw customers. Be consistent with your recipes. When a customer is happy with your products, they will come back hoping for the same experience. You would not want to disappoint your customers.

Tip 2. A solid business plan

Establish a business plan including details like the initial start up cost, ingredients cost, appliances cost (oven & mixer), utensils cost (spatula, cookie cutter) and also the packaging cost (boxes & wrappers). You must also consider delivery charges.

Commercialized ovens are costly. Depending on your target, you can choose a used oven or smaller oven.

Tip 3. Licensing

Be sure to check on how to obtain proper licensing on selling food to the public. Check the food & drug administration website (FDA) on laws in your state.

Tip 4. Advertise

Nothing is more appealing than a pretty picture of beautifully decorated cupcake, cakes, cookies or any baked products. It is worth it to devote some time and effort into taking a proper picture of your creations. Most people will be more likely to know when they know how a product looks like. You always eat with your eyes first. After the beautiful pictures are taken, spread the word that your business is in town!